Geo Magri (tutor of the Project)



Assistant Professor of Private Law at the University of Insubria. He has a long experience in academic projects for the harmonisation of European private law also thanks to seven years of activities as Former Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the Institute for European Legal Studies of Universität Osnabrück (LS Prof. Christian von Bar). He is co-author of studies on consumer law for the European Parliament (IMCO) and contributor to the database of the consumer law acquis communautaire for the European Commission ( Member of numerous international associations including the Deutsch-italienische Juristenvereinigung, the Association Henri Capitant was vice-president of the Internationale Juristenvereinigung Osnabrück. His research interests are focused on property and contract law, consumer law, cultural goods, comparative private law, harmonisation of European private law, private international law, digital law and new technologies applied to food law. He is the author of several articles and books and during his career has given lectures and conferences in Germany, Poland and Italy.