Alessandra Lang



Alessandra Lang is associate professor of European Union Law at the University of Milan (DILHPS), as from 2002. She is a faculty member of the bachelor’s programmes in International Studies and European Institutions and in International Politics, Law and Economics, and of the PhD. programme in Public, International and European Union Law of the University of Milan. She actually holds two courses: International and EU Law (80-hour introductory course to Public International Law and European Union law) and EU Law (60-hour introductory course on EU law). Her main fields of research concern free movement of persons and EU citizenship, implementation of EU law on the free movement of persons in Italy, EU migration policy, EU external relations, EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, EU enlargement. She is author of two monographs (2002 on the implementation of United Nations sanctions by the European Union, and 2017 on free movement of persons within the EU and its implementation in Italy), co-author of a book on European Citizenship and free movement (2006: second edition, 2008: English edition), co-author of Cases and Materials on International and EU law (2015: third edition); co-editor of four books that collect the outcome of research initiatives (2005 on federalism and regionalism in the EU and Switzerland; 2006 on the Constitutional Treaty for Europe; 2011 on Individual guarantees in the European judicial area in criminal matters; 2014 on the Common Foreign and Security Policy), and author of about one hundred papers, published in legal journals or books.