Eleonora Sirsi



Full professor in Agriculture, Agri-environmental and Agri-food Law in the Department of Law at the University of Pisa. She actually is: Member of the Phd Council in Legal Sciences; President of the Bachelor and Master Degree Courses in Science for Peace: International Cooperation and Conflict Transformation; Operational Referent of the National Network of Sustainables Universities (RUS) and National Coordinator RUS-Food Unit; Member of the Technical Table on Officinal Plants at the Ministry of Agriculture. Member of Scientific Committee of Journal of EU Agrarian Law and of the Editorial Committee of national journals (Rivista di diritto agrario, Rivista di diritto alimentare); member of the main associations of national and international agricultural and agri and food law scholars (AIDA-IFLA; CEDR; UMAU; IDAIC; AICDA). Invited speaker at numerous conferences in Italy and abroad (EU and non-EU), she has collaborated with the Region Tuscany and the Ministry of Agriculture for the drafting of some regulations (Regional Law on the protection of biodiversity and conservation varieties and National Law on medicinal plants) and has been audited (2016, 2019) by the Senate of the Republic (IX Permanent Agriculture Commission) in view of a regulatory intervention on New Biotechnology in agriculture. It has published four monographs and 99 articles in its own name in national and international journals and in collective works on various topics of agriculture, agri-environmental and agri-food law. Her main research fields are agro-industrial contracts, biodiversity, food consumer law, new biotechnologies and genome editing.